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Ledet Training 2018 Course Catalog 
Ledet Training 2018 Course Catalog
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Prelude 101 - Using Adobe Prelude

Class Description
This 1-day workshop will look at all core features of Adobe Prelude, including using it to ingest and organize media, sending markers and metadata to Premiere Pro, and how Adobe Prelude fits into the Adobe professional video workflow. Watch this one minute video on Adobe Prelude for a general overview of the capabilities and purpose of Adobe Prelude. Learn how to use the Prelude media organizer and ingestion tool to make sure that Premiere Pro projects are organized from the start.  Learn about the clip naming and metadata features of Prelude and how to create subclips, build a rough-cut assembly and send an assembly to Premiere Pro as a sequence for immediate editing.  Annotate media files with notes for the editor or director to consult during editing in Premiere Pro.

Program Benefits
Participants learn to use Adobe Prelude to review, import/ingest, log, select, classify and export video and media assets in an efficient, organized professional video production workflow.
Overview of Learning Objectives
  • Overview of a professional video production workflow using Adobe Prelude
  • Introduction to the Prelude interface
  • Browsing footage from media sources (memory cards, cartridges, etc.)
  • Ingesting media including automatic backups, file renaming, bin selection and thumbnail scrubbing
  • Transcoding footage to different formats upon ingest
  • Organizing media in Prelude using metadata and heads-up logging
  • Creating metadata templates
  • Adding metadata including keyboard shortcuts for tagging
  • Annotating media files with notes for editing
  • Understanding markers and in-out points
  • Adding and customizing markers
  • Creating custom markers
  • Creating subclips and rough cut sequences and assemblies with transitions
  • Exporting subclips, rough cut sequences and assemblies to Premiere
  • Adding voiceover and using multiple audio tracks
  • Using Adobe Story to turn written scripts into metadata
  • Navigating markers and rough cuts in Premiere

Who Should Attend
  • Video production professionals including editors and assistant editors, producers, and directors
  • Videographers and professional photographers shooting video
  • Anyone using Premiere who desires a more efficient video production workflow
  • All video production team members

Suggested Prerequisites
There are no prequisties for this class other than an understanding of the operating system. It is appropriate for both beginners and experienced Premiere Pro users desiring a more efficient video production workflow.
Class Times
  • Public Open Enrollment Training Courses - Course hours are 9am-4pm
  • Public Open Enrollment Training hours scheduled at Branch locations may vary.
  • Public Open Enrollment Online Courses - Course hours are  10am-5pm EST 
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Training Modalities Available
ILT, VILT, Onsite, Custom, Train The Trainer

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