Oct 20, 2018  
Ledet Training 2018 Course Catalog 
Ledet Training 2018 Course Catalog
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Photoshop 301 - Photoshop - Shooting and Processing Panoramas

Class Description
This course aims to further one’s knowledge of the Panoramic photography process from capturing to post-processing. We want to help Participants see the bigger picture!

Program Benefits
The course begins with a look at the concepts and technical details for capturing great panoramic shots and editing them in Photoshop. The course includes information on choosing a shooting format and size, how to properly mount the camera on a tripod, how to overlap each shot, which lenses deliver best results, and more. Plus, learn about optional hardware like the GigaPan system and sliders, and a variety of mobile apps for capturing 360-degree panoramas with an iPhone. The course concludes with advice on refining stitched panoramas and on saving them for print, web and VR use.
Overview of Learning Objectives
  • Choosing the quipment right for Students
  • Compensating for the nodal point
  • Stitching in camera
  • Leveling the camera platform
  • Locking exposure and focus
  • Shooting with the GigaPan system
  • Shooting HDR panoramas
  • Shooting with an iPhone
  • Managing data from a panorama shoot
  • Reducing noise and removing dust with Camera Raw
  • Initiating the Photomerge command
  • Blending the photos
  • Refining highlights and shadows
  • Saving panoramas for print and the web

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