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Ledet Training 2019 Course Catalog 
Ledet Training 2019 Course Catalog

Onsite Private Training

Onsite Custom Training

If you have a particular training requirement that is more than what the typical software course can provide, Ledet Training is the right place. We can provide a course that covers both the software and your company’s unique production workflow. We will tailor a class to make sure it covers the experience level of your team. Classes can be based on your company’s specific challenges and project requirements. The Onsite custom classes are designed based upon your needs and priced on a flat rate pricing model. When you have a group that needs additional skills with web, print and/or video applications, a custom class will allow you to quickly train your staff according to your specific needs and requirements without the restrictions faced in public, open enrollment classes. Custom Private Onsite Group Training will present your team with the best opportunity to gain valuable user knowledge as pertaining to your workflow and projects. The result is an increasingly efficient team, understanding best practices with the software components you have chosen for your business model.

Some advantages of Onsite training are:

  • Training can be done either onsite or in a remote location, limiting travel expenses and time out of the office
  • Training can be designed to incorporate projects from your current workflow
  • The course curriculum is customized with the help from our instructor to meet your special needs, requirements and expectations using our unique “Success Criteria” program
  • Your course outline is personalized for your group according to their skill level
  • Books and materials are hand-selected by the instructor according to your custom outline and your needs analysis
  • Scheduling class dates are more flexible
  • Students can freely share company information among the group during training

Ledet Training Success Criteria Form

Though the public class outlines are used to help determine how your private class will flow, there are distinct differences between open enrollment and private, custom classes. The most notable: With open enrollment classes, students learn the features and functions of an application; with a private, customized onsite event, your team learns how to apply the application to your actual workflow in an environment isolated just to your team. It is much more hands-on and directly targets your actual business needs.

To accomplish this goal, we ask the Client to complete the Success Criteria form (Success Criteria) and email the completed form back to us with notes on what you would like to achieve through training as well as information on the importance of the topics referenced in the outlines. Note what you think is most important to achieve success and what you specifically want to cover in the class. Though this seems like a TON of questions, these questions will provide us detailed information regarding what you are looking for, what experiences you have which contribute to your expectations, and what you want to accomplish with training. Given we will work with you on your workflow and production pieces, the more information we have, the better we can implement this training program. This information requested is a key component to building your custom program. All of this information will be used to select the trainer most suitable for YOUR program according to your needs, create a program targeting your goals and objectives, and provide us with the criteria by which our efforts and results may be judged. The only way to ensure our success is to completely ensure the program meets your needs while assisting you in exceeding your goals and objectives! Please note the version of software you plan to use, the platform (windows / mac) and the skill competency of the users. After Ledet Training receives this information, we will work with our Operations Department to create training options for you to review.

The training becomes personalized, scheduled according to your experience and abilities with the programs, customized to assist you in launching your programs.

Ledet Custom Training Registration Process

Once the decision has been made on your end to move forward with the requested training, Ledet Training will issue a Private Event Registration Form for you to sign and return with payment ( Once received, the program is considered secured. We will schedule the appropriate instructor for your event, specifically paying attention to how the program can best be utilized within your workflow. Once secured, the instructor will contact you prior to class; review your “success criteria” (what you would like to come away from training with in a “perfect world”), review your comments on the public class outlines to confirm what topics are most relevant; build a new class outline according to these established goals and objectives; select training materials (books / CD’s) and build the class to incorporate your current workflow and projects into the training. This again makes the training personalized to your teams specific needs, scheduled according to your experience and abilities with the programs, customized to assist you in launching your programs.

Onsite, Private and Custom Training Services Terms and Conditions

  1. Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc. specializes in performing custom and onsite training classes. In order to allow our company to provide the highest possible quality of service, all onsite and custom training services provided by Sterling Ledet & Associate, Inc. must be prepaid. Onsite for purposes of this agreement is defined as meaning at the client’s location.
  2. As a customer service, Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc. will invoice your company upon receipt at our company of a signed custom training registration form. However, we cannot make travel arrangements or reserve rental facilities, if necessary, until payment is actually received by our company. Therefore, for all custom and onsite training, payment is due upon receipt of our invoice and prompt payment will allow us to immediately begin preparing for the best possible experience for your company and its employees.
  3. All delivery dates are completely contingent upon receipt of payment, and Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc. cannot reserve dates or facilities on specific dates until payment is received.
  4. The work agreed to will be treated as a single sum valuation project and not an hourly or daily contract adjustable to the precise length of the work performed. The prepayment will not be considered a retainer from which to draw consumed hourly fees, but rather as payment toward the total price of the project. Additional charges relating to issues beyond the initial scope of the project and/or post approval alterations and/or changes may apply.
  5. Unless classroom preparation services are specifically requested and listed as a separate line item on the invoice for services, clients are fully responsible for the proper preparation of training facilities for onsite engagements. This includes proper software installation. In the event software installation is not performed correctly by clients for onsite engagements, instructors will be allowed to properly prepare the class without the students present. Students will be notified once the class is ready to begin. There is no credit or extra training time due to clients in this event, and clients recognize that the failure to have software properly installed before class may adversely affect the length and amount of material covered in an onsite engagement.
  6. All checks must be made to the order of Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc. All returned checks will be subject to a charge equivalent to 10% (ten percent) of the amount of the returned check. All payments will be considered non-refundable.
  7. Onsite and custom classes require a substantial commitment of time and effort on the part of Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc. in order to properly prepare, coordinate logistics, and make the necessary commitments to ensure proper delivery. Therefore there are no refunds available for cancellations made for private, onsite and custom training classes once a signed custom training registration form is received.
  8. There is a $750 fee associated with rescheduling any onsite, private or custom training class as long as at least 4 weeks’ notice is given. With less than 4 weeks, but more than 2 weeks’ notice, there is a penalty applied to rescheduling of 50% of the amount of the engagement. There are no rescheduling allowances if less than 2 weeks’ notice is given to Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc. and the entire engagement fee is forfeited.
  9. All rescheduling require written notification by the client to Sterling Ledet & Associates via email, fax, or letter. A telephone message is not sufficient as a notice to reschedule.
  10. All proposal documents, needs analysis forms, success criteria, and other pre- and post- engagement client communications are considered confidential and proprietary business information by Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc. Clients are prohibited from sharing such information with competitors of Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc.
  11. Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc. frequently receives confidential information from clients in the course of delivering custom, onsite, and private classes. Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc. treats such information as confidential and does not share this information publicly or with our clients’ competitors.
  12. Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc. frequently produces custom training materials for use in custom, private and onsite training engagements. These materials may contain information and excerpts from materials used for previous client engagements, and to the extent that these materials do not reveal confidential and proprietary information of our clients, Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc. reserves the right to re-use such materials in future client engagements. Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc. retains all copyrights to materials produced by our firm for custom, onsite and private training engagements.
  13. All invoices are due upon receipt. Any and all past-due payments and/or balances will be subject to a 1.5% (one and one-half percent) per month charge.
  14. We do typically require access to the training facility at least one hour before training begins.
  15. Clients are responsible for shipping costs of materials, software, and hardware both to and from their facility. For use of our traveling classroom, clients are responsible for shipping systems back to our Atlanta facility by 2nd day air, at their expense.
  16. In the unlikely event clients are not completely satisfied with the training services rendered by Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc. for any onsite, custom or private training class, the liability of Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc. shall not exceed the fees paid by client to Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc. Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc. shall in no way be held responsible for any consequential loss whatsoever.
  17. The delivery date specified on the registration form and invoice is not a guaranteed date of delivery. Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc. will endeavor to meet the specified and agreed to delivery date. Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc. shall incur no liability whatsoever for any losses, liabilities, and/or damages caused as a result of any delivery delays regardless of circumstances or fault.
  18. Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc. will deliver the custom training services in a good workman-like manner. There are no other warranties, including any other warranty of merchantability or fitness for a purpose.
  19. During the period commencing on the date of the registration form being signed and ending one year following the last date of delivery of services by Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc. to the Client, the Client, its employees, representatives, agents, and/or affiliates shall not, in the client’s own capacity or as partner, joint venturer, shareholder, or representative of and/or on behalf of any entity or in any other capacity, directly or indirectly, solicit or discuss with any employee of Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc., any contract trainer of Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc., or any affiliate of Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc., the employment or contracting of such person by any company, business organization or any other entity including, but not limited to, the Client.
  20. The person signing the registration form in representation of; on behalf of; and/or as an employee; or assign of the Client named on the registration form, hereby warrants that he or she is fully and duly authorized to enter into such a contract and legally bind that Client entity to all the terms and conditions herein.
  21. This agreement is made in the State of Georgia and as such shall be enforced, construed, and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia. Any and all controversies or collections in connection with, or arising from, this Agreement shall be addressed only in courts or venues having situs in the State of Georgia.
  22. In the event Sterling Ledet &Associates, Inc. engages an attorney to enforce its rights under this agreement, Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc. shall be entitled to reimbursement of attorney’s fees from the Client in the amount of $200.00 (Two hundred dollars) per hour.
  23. Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc. reserves the right to transfer and/or assign the rights and entitlements of this agreement, including but not limited to compensation entitlements to any entity of its choice.
  24. In case any one or more of the provisions of this agreement or any application thereof shall be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in any respect, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions of this agreement shall not be affected or impaired.

Ledet Training Onsite Mobile Computer Training Lab

Our mobile computer training labs can resolve your tactical training need. You provide the space, and for a nominal fee, our mobile classroom will be shipped to your onsite training location with the pre-installed software specifically designed to help your team learn. Each Laptop has the capability that will run either OSX or Windows with the most recent versions of software installed on each laptop. We create an environment to get your employees up to speed as quickly as possible and our mobile computer training labs offer the same benefits as fixed computer training facilities and will meet your needs while ensuring that participants enjoy an engaging and active learning environment.

Our Mobile Computer Lab Rentals Include:
Laptops with pre-installed software for training
Professional Set-up and Take-down
Up to twenty (20) Laptops
Connect to your corporate Internet