Apr 24, 2019  
Ledet Training 2019 Course Catalog 
Ledet Training 2019 Course Catalog

Letter from the President

Sterling Ledet HeadshotBy investing in formal instructor-led training, you can put yourself or your company on the fast track to gaining powerful new capabilities. Our training programs and education services are designed to accelerate adoption of technology and help you realize a better return on your organization’s technology investment.

You will work with expert instructors to gain skills that you’ll apply immediately. You’ll have greater control over in-house processes, understand the best practices and production workflows used by professionals, and have greater adaptability in approaching your work. You’ll avoid many of the problems and gotchas that plague inexperienced software users and save both time and money by learning how to properly use today’s professional software tools. While you may not necessarily choose to take more of the things you are responsible for in-house, you will gain the skills and knowledge you need to make that an option. The majority of our clients do continue to work with outside providers after attending class, but their skills let them do so far more effectively and they typically find that they have significantly more control and flexibility after getting trained on the tools used to produce the deliverables for which they’ve previously relied exclusively on others.

In our in-person and online instructor-led classes, you get to ask questions, explore ideas and produce sample work - equipping you to make the most of the software products available to you in your work environment. By engaging and dialoguing with our instructors, asking plenty of questions, and collaborating with others in your class, you’ll leave with understanding and knowledge of industry best practices, things that just can’t happen as effectively without structured, instructor-led training.

Our fun, hands-on classes are taught in formats designed to optimally fit your needs. In-person classes are offered at bricks and mortar physical training centers in cities across the US. We offer our online classes in a virtual instructor-led training (VILT) format. We believe instructor-led training is the most effective way for our clients to not only gain new skills, but also ensure that that needed capabilities are gained on budget and on schedule.

Commit to excellence by attending high-quality, hands-on, instructor-led training on how to use the latest software tools to accomplish your specific learning objectives. Have fun and learn the cool stuff!

Learn with Passion,

Sterling Ledet