Apr 24, 2019  
Ledet Training 2019 Course Catalog 
Ledet Training 2019 Course Catalog

The role of your Training Coordinator

Ledet Graphics offers public open enrollment training courses for many different classes in most areas within the United States of America. We have employees in the role of “Training Coordinators”, designated to each region of the US to assist our clients and prospective clients along their training path.

Once you’ve created a record with Ledet Training, you will be assigned a training coordinator based on your geographic location. Your “Training Coordinator” is a liaison between you, our valued client and your over all training experience here at Ledet. He or she will assist you with class suggestions based on your specific needs, goals and objectives, as well provide you customer support throughout your training journey. They will engage with you to develop a long term client relationship and ensure a smooth delivery of the training classes you participate in here at Ledet Training. Here at Ledet Training, we believe a good training coordinator-client relationship is collaborative and is built on mutual trust and respect.

As your training coordinator, he or she will be able to provide you with details of a specific class, as well as the requirements and the benefits that the program brings to your desired career path. They will also develop and create a training track based on your current and future needs. We will continue to work with you after your training session has been completed, to ensure that your career development goals are achieved. We work as a collaborative team here at Ledet Graphics to ensure that you receive the training that you have requested of us.

It is the responsibility of your training coordinator to assist in a successful delivery of your event, where all clients participating have accomplished their intended goal. We are here to provide excellent client service to you and your organization, and your feedback is very important to us. At the end of each class, we request all participants complete a short survey not only rating the content and instruction of the course, but also your overall training experience with your Training Coordinator.

Training Coordinators are typically assigned by region. Internally Ledet has currently divided the U.S into four regions; NEMA- which covers our Washington DC, and Chicago office, our Southeast region - covering our Atlanta and Houston office, our West Coast region which covers our San Diego and Denver offices and National which covers our rental offices, located in any other city outside of the ones mentioned above, including our live online training for those in areas where we do not have a brick and mortar office.