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Ledet Training 2024 Course Catalog 
Ledet Training 2024 Course Catalog

Train The Trainer - Enterprise Training Enablement Services and Classes

Train The Trainer Enterprise Services and Classes at Ledet Training are designed for larger enterprises who would like professional assistance adding class delivery to their own employees using their own training department staff and training resources. It can include elearning content libraries, ebooks or PDF courseware content, LMS integraton, and other related consulting and class management services. It is also offered to accredited institutions including both K-12 and Higher education institutions. Train The Trainer Enterprise Services and Classes typically include a combination of class attendance and consulting services and typically needs to be custom quoted depending on your organizations needs.

Drive large team and organizatonal training initatives with proven course content and delivery expertise

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Tailored to your organization’s specific goals and objectives using a structured project management process.


Your trainers know what works for you.  We enable them to delifver top-notch delivery . They conduct training where and when you want.

Cost Effective

Train the Trainer scales effectively for larger teams by leveraging the staff and training resources you already have.

What are some typical training situations where this The Trainer Enterprise Services and Classes are appropriate?

Often, this service is purchased by organizations rolling out strategic initatives that include needing to train dozens, hundreds or even thousands of employees. Sometimes it’s purchased by organizations who want to make sure their recurring employee onboarding or departmental training initiatives are customized then standardized to the highest possible level of quality for their specific workflow using both industry and product specific training best practices.

Why purchase Train The Trainer services from Ledet Training instead of dealing directly with the Software Vendor?

  • Ledet Training has decades of experience dealing with the training programs of the various software vendors we work with and has accumulated valuable institutional knowledge and perspective. Your training department can leverage this expertise to make sure your enterprise training initiatives are executed quickly,  on-budget and width the highest possible quality and satisfaction to both end-users and corporate leadership.
  • Ledet Training builds a program that’s right for your organization including helping you integrated classes into an LMS or other corporate training databse if needed, providing data dumps of class catalog information in Excel or CSV format, providing marketing materials and content for classes, assistance in setting up accounts and ordering processes with courseware vendors (or providing the ability to order courseware directly from Ledet Training in some cases), and, of course, delivering training to your instructors. The time saved in avoiding unnecessary data entry and content creation alone can often justify the investment. Why reinvent the wheel when you can hire an organization whose been there and done it for over 2 decades?
  • Ledet Training knows what options are available for licensing both software and courseware, how to maximize cost savings (especially for non-profits and educational institutions) while improving class quality, where to find the best instructor resources (which are often not easily located with standard student courseware purchases), and how to use the most appropriate and cost-effective software licensing options for training classroom needs. 
  • Ledet Training has the class deployment templates and project management tools (checklists, timelines, etc.) and established processes needed to ensure success in large training initiatives with many moving parts.
  • Ledet Training has the instructional design skills and experience needed to insure maximum fit to your organization’s needs including tailoring training to specific production workflows and organizational standards.

How much does Train The Trainer Enterprise Services and Classes from Ledet Training cost?

Pricing for Train The Trainer packages start at approximately $5000 for a single trainer attending and deploying a single class, but can range up to $50,000 or more for large organizations with multiple trainers and multiple class needs. While some aspects have fixed prices, other aspects are hard to fix in advance without needs analysis. For larger projects, invoicing can be broken up into sprints focused on delivering services that meet the specific felt needs. Hourly charges for consulting run from $165 to $600 per hour depending on the level of the implementation resources involved. Ledet Training can offer a price quotation constrained by a specific budget (i.e. your organization sets the investment level and Ledet quotes their recommended bundle of services and classes that fit within that budget) or a price quotation constrained by a specific set of classes and services ( i.e. your organization sets the desired services and classes and Ledet training provides a price quotation of how much that will cost).

Factors that effect the pricing of these Train The Trainer packages include:

  • Number of trainers at the enterprise needing to attent a train-the-trainer prep class.
  • Training Modalities that will be offered. These can include instructor-led - conventional classroom, instructor-led virtual classrom, Self-Pace self-study, Self-Study on-demand, blended learning, or other modalities in use by your training department or organization.
  • Number of class offerings your enterprise wishes to integrate.
  • Initial courseware purchase.
  • Content library subscriptions
  • Courseware Licensing fees where necessary.
  • Software licensing fees where necessary.
  • Assessments and/or Certification offerings where desired.
  • Amount of customization, if any, that is needed.
  • Number of strategy and planning meetings and/or conference calls required.

Note: Ledet Training does not typically offer this option to competitive commercial training centers, although exceptions are made in the case of close strategic partnerships. An appropriate non-compete agreement is part of the terms and conditions for delivery of this service.