Mar 31, 2023  
Ledet Training 2019 Course Catalog 
Ledet Training 2019 Course Catalog

Blended Training Modality

Our Blended Training Modules will assist users in crafting the perfect seminar to fulfill their training goals!

What is the Blended Training Modality?

We here at Ledet are receptive to the fact that we cater to a variety of clients with differing learning styles, time constraints, training goals, and program knowledge; we have created the Blended Training Module to show our clients the same flexibility and accomodation they have so often shown us!

Our Blended course-load will afford participants the benefits of a hands-on, instructor-led seminar, with the addition of: more reference information; longer and more comprehensive exposure to the program training environment; a personalized pace that allows participants to create their own ideal training schedule; and much more!

What is the format of the Blended Training Modality?

Our Blended Training Modalities attempt to improve upon the format used by many Universities for their online course work. Delivered over multiple weeks, participants will gain access to weekly real-time instructor sessions, prerecorded and replayable course content lessons, and access to community support from the instructor and other participants - this will allow users the time to discover any problems they might encounter, and the means to overcome them!

Participants engage with the material through our custom Learning Management System(LMS), experiencing lecture material and relevant program information in the forms of written, video, and interactive training content. You’ll also be given the opportunity to complete course assignments at the end of most sessions; creating material you’ll be able to immediately utilize in your work environment, or putting the finishing touches on the project that will demonstrate your value to the organization!

What does someone need to participate?

All participants need is access to a computer and tablet (or two computers or monitors) and a stable Internet connection.

We primarily use Citrix GoToTraining as our virtual classroom provider for most instructor sessions. The Citrix GoToTraining platform is designed to support live workshop training and contains some great functions that allow us to offer engaging and intuitive virtual training sessions. You can learn more about GoToTraining with the GoToTraining Video Overview.