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Ledet Training 2019 Course Catalog 
Ledet Training 2019 Course Catalog
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Civil 3D 151 - AutoCAD Civil 3D

Class Description
In this 3-day instructor-led training, Participants will learn both fundamental AutoCAD concepts, as well gain comfort utilizing the newly updated features, functions, and enhancements available in the AutoCAD Civil 3D program suite. This course is built to be helpful for new users of AutoCAD Civil 3D, this course will be helpful even if an individual has prior experience with earlier versions of AutoCAD!

The new and improved AutoCAD Civil 3D has been augmented to improve project delivery, maintain more consistent data, and respond faster to project changes…all whilst improving user experience through updates and additions of useful features; features that this course will explore!


Schedule and Pricing
Schedule of upcoming Civil 3D training classes.

Course Benefits
Through a combination of instructor-led presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on labs, students will swiftly deepen their familiarity with AutoCAD Civil 3D concepts, whilst gaining hands-on skills in developing, evaluating, and revolutionizing their usage of models, drawings, layouts and much more!

  • Enhance project quality and accuracy, while optimizing the design for clarity and function!
  • Maintain more consistent data through Automated project deliverables, helping to reduce documentation errors!
  • Respond faster to project changes and improve productivity with Civil 3D’s new features aimed at accelerating detailed designs, and helping to streamline time-consuming tasks!
  • Connect design to documentation to help boost producitivty and deliver higher quality content with less time investment!
  • Utilize the newly improved Collaboration workflows to help you or your team overcome challenges and deliberations within Civil projects!

Who Should Attend
This course is equipped to impart pivotal AutoCAD Civil 3D knowledge to everyone, from beginners with a basic understanding of AutoCAD concepts, to adept veterans new to this update!

It is expected that users have a basic understanding of how they hope to use this program to further their goals. Many of our instructors are also happy to help with questions specific to projects students are working on!

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How to Enroll
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Course Outline

Our aim is for the students to get the most out of courses, so class material can have a measure of fluidity, but generally, Participants will learn:

Introduction to AutoCAD

  • Getting started with AutoCAD
  • Working with various components of a drawing
  • Starting a Drawing File by using the Create New Drawing dialog box
  • Changing the color scheme
  • Changing the background color
  • Working with, and optimizing, Workspaces
  • Understanding and creating Sheet Sets

Creating Drawings - I

  • Setting up Drawing Ynits
  • Setting Drawing Limits
  • Specifying Grid and Snap settings
  • Understanding Coordinate systems (Absolute Cartesian, Relative Cartesian, Absolute Polar, Relative Polar: Coordinate Systems)
  • Drawing lines, circles, and arcs
  • Canceling, Erasing, and Restoring Objects
  • Navigating 2D drawing

Using Drawing Aids and Selection Methods

  • Working with Ortho Mode
  • Working with Polar Tracking
  • Working with Object Snap, and Object Snap tracking
  • Working with Layers (Creating, Assigning, Freezing, Restricting, and more.)

Creating Drawings - II

  • Drawing Rectangles by specifying: Diagonally opposite corners, Area and one side, Dimensions, etc.
  • Methods for drawing: Polygons, Polylines, Rectangles, Ellipse, Eliptical arcs, Splines, Donuts, Construction & Ray lines, Reference points, and more!
  • Defining size and style of the aformentioned drawings.

Modifying and Editing Drawings - I

  • Working with Object Selection Methods
  • Trimming Drawing entities
  • Extending Drawing entities
  • Working with Array
  • Mirroring Drawing entities
  • Chamfering, Offsetting, Moving, Copying, Scaling, Rotating, Stretching, and Lengthening: Drawing entities

Working with Dimensions and Dimensions Style

  • Working with Components of a dimension
  • Creating new dimension Style
  • Modifying Existing Dimension Style
  • Overriding Dimension Style
  • Applying dimensions: Linear, aligned, angular, arc length, radius, diameter, logged radius, logged linear, ordinate, baseline, and multiple Dimensions

Editing Dimensions and Adding Text

  • Editing Dimensions using DIMEDIT command
  • Editing Dimension text, value, and all around properties using DIMEDIT
  • Editing Dimensions using Properties Palette, Editing Tools, and more
  • Adding text/notes to drawings
  • Editing single line and multiline text

Modifying and Editing Drawings - II

  • Editing Objects by using Grips
  • Editing objects using Properties Palette
  • Matching Properties of Objects
  • Indentifying Coordinates of a Point

Hatching and Gradients

  • Creating and understanding Hatches
  • Creating and understanding Gradients

Workings with Blocks and Xrefs

  • Creating block - procedure for creating block
  • Insert Block in Drawing
  • Creating WBlock
  • Inserting WBlock in Drawing

Working with Layouts

  • Getting Started with Paper space/Layout
  • Understanding different Components of a Layout
  • Setting up the Sheet/Paper size of a layout
  • Adding/Renaming/Deleting a layout
  • Working with viewports
  • Accessing Model space with in a Viewport
  • Clipping existing Viewports
  • Locking the Object scale in a Viewport
  • Controlling the display of the objects of a Viewport - and more
  • Switching to Model Space

Printing and Plotting

  • Configuing Plotter (output) devices
  • Creating Plot Style
  • Setting up Default Plot Style
  • Plotting Drawings ( everything from Page setup area to Plot scale and Drawing orientation)


And more!

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We have training centers in Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Denver, San Diego and Washington DC. We also have the option of live instructor lead online offerings for our courses. Our network of rental facilities is also an option for most of our high demand classes. If coming to a rental facility, please double-check the location of your class with our office to make sure you get to the right location.

As an option for customers needing completely customizable training we offer private onsite training and Individual instructor consulting sessions. To inquire about custom training please fill out our private training request form.


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